The new f2p run is here!


Hello everyone, and welcome to f2psolforge!

My name is Lee, but I go by Gard in the Solforge community. I started f2psolforge in May 2015 to see how long it would take a completely new Solforge account to create a competitive deck without spending any money.

The answer was about two months.

Now a new client has been born, and with it, a new tournament structure! How long it will take to get up to competitive stuff now? I’m guessing sooner – the rewards structure favors players with experience more than ever.

So, I’m making this a race. I’ve named my new account Anvilbreaker, after Ironbeard’s hammer. I will take this account and run it through the gauntlet of Solforge progression. I’ll be recording my drafts and my progress – as both strategy and chronicle – as Anvilbreaker hammers down on my opposition.

It’s a brand new world now – let’s see how quick we can get up to snuff.

F2P run #2 can be found here.