Day 2 – Dailies and Legendary Luck

Just did my daily rewards today, nothing special. Saving those campaigns until I have a couple more cards. I actually wasn’t even intending this to be a full post and was going to merge it with Day 3, but I earned this puppy in the middle of doing my dailies:

And here’s what I opened from my Chest and two daily packs:

Oh wow, today I got exceptionally lucky. The Legendary Chest gave me an Iron Maiden, which is an excellent card at my level (where everything sucks). It’s semi-competitive, as well. Plus, I can actually see using every Heroic and Rare in this chest in some way or another.

The booster packs were much better than average; 1 rare, 1 Heroic, and 1 Legendary in two packs. Even with the Heroic, the first pack is a wash, but the second pack is pure gas. Only the Ancestral Echoes is playable, but that’s fine, because it’s a great card!

Hopefully this doesn’t mean my luck for the next few days is screwed.

Day 2 End Totals:

– 16,375 Silver (11.5% of a legendary)
– 2 Event Tickets (66% of a Casual Draft)

I get to do a draft tomorrow!


EDIT – I actually had some free time today, so I went ahead and grinded a couple games for Silver.

Here’s what I played:

Game plan is just to play legendaries when I can, and flood the board when I can’t. The pump spells (Ferocious Charge, Ancestral Echoes) work really well with the Seedling makers and the two creatures with armor. I ended up winning 6 games. So 6 x 250 silver = +1500 silver.

Decks I played against:

  1. Abominations (Loss)
  2. Plants (Win)
  3. Kitaru Sprite Replace Nonsense (Win)
  4. Random AU Draft Deck (Win)
  5. AT Stuff (Win)
  6. AU Budget Robots (Win)
  7. Zombies (Win)

Day 2 End Totals:

  • 17875 Silver (12.5% of a Legendary)
  • 2 Event Tickets (66% of a Casual Draft)

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