Day 3 – Dailies. Also, more luck!


Unfortunately Day 3 was a bit of a bust. I earned enough tickets to do a  Draft today, but I didn’t really have time to do that today, so I’ll shelf the tickets until tomorrow.

So for today, I just have my daily rewards – some silver and a couple boosters. Here’s what I opened:

Uh. Wow. I am running really hot; I never open like this on my main account.

The first pack has a Bramblewood Tracker, which is one of the best heroics in the game for budget builders. The Cinderbound Barbarian, lowly common that it is, is also a great card that will be going into every Tempys deck I build. Think of the -bound cycle of creatures from set 3 as Level 2 cards you don’t have to play in Rank 1, and you can see their worth.

The second pack has trash and a Vaerus, Herald of Fury. Staff of Vaerus is probably the least whelming of the Heralds cycle due to how situational the card is… but it’s still a legendary from a lowly booster pack, which is a godsend for a lowly F2P player like myself.

I’m actually kind of hoping this luck train doesn’t continue too much, or people will discount my run as “completely lucked out”. I can’t control chance!


Day 3 End Totals

  • 20275 Silver (14.22% to Legendary)
  • 3 Event Tickets

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