Day 4 – First Draft

Today is draft day!

I quickly finished up my dailies against the computer (more habit than realizing I could do it during the draft, truthfully). Then it was draft time.

I recorded videos of the entire draft run, but I realize that isn’t everyone’s thing, so I also wrote out a summary of the tournament.





I first picked a Zarox, the Raging and solidified myself into Nekrium/Tempys on the second pick. I tried to draft aggressively with Graveborn Gluttons, Volcanic Giants, and Wind Primordials, but I did not get as many of each as I would’ve liked. Wind Primordials are especially good in the aggressive N/T deck. The game plan in this sort of archetype (especially with Zarox) is to play aggressively in Ranks 1 and 2 with high power creatures that are hard to pin down (Wind Primordial) or have incremental damage like Graveborn Glutton. Frostshatter Strike is extremely good in this sort of deck, as is pump like Infernal Visage and Abyssal Brute. My deck also had a couple Spirit Leashes, which are so-so in the deck, plus a couple large Storm Callers.



Round 1 – Played against A/U with an emphasis on Robots – two War Tinkers. Opponent’s misplays lost him the game more than my good plays. He had pretty loose sequencing with Spring Dryad and quite poor blocks. He had an Epoch Hawk, which was actually the first time I’ve ever played against that legendary, but it didn’t end up doing actually that much (again, mostly due to my opponent’s misplays).

Round 2 – Played against U/T, with Roaming Warclaws and Spring Dryad. Unfortunately this game was much like the first one. Opponent made several misplays, especially with his blocking and playing too defensively altogether. That, along with Zarox taking over the game, made the game fairly simple.

Round 3 – Played against N/U, emphasis on Zombies with Xrath, Dreadknight of Varna. This was the closest game in the tournament. My opponent played well and had a good early start. Luckily, I drew well (i.e., I drew Zaroxes) and I think played pretty well, and I was able to take down the victory off the back of Zarox with combat tricks.

Round 4 -Played against U/A. Opponent did not play very well, but he did draw well. I actually was forced to level Storm Callers due to some awkward draws and that led to a weaker Rank 3. I critically missed 1 damage from an Oozeling somewhere in Rank 1, and then come Rank 3 I was 1 damage off lethal. Though, later I realized that the poison on Graveborn Glutton kills him regardless. 4-0!


Plus, the rare or higher cards I get to keep from the draft itself:



At the end of the tournament, I also earned a 10 Online Wins Legendary Chest, which I didn’t know was a thing but is pretty sweet.



And here’s what I opened in my Chest, Prize Pack, and Boosters:



So, to recap my winnings, I got a Zimus from the Legendary Chest, which is a pretty good Legendary, but not competitive. The Gold Prize Pack gave me an Ambriel’s Edict, which is an exceptional card, but again situational. I got another Legendary from a Booster Pack because I’m very lucky, but it’s an Ironmind Acolyte, which requires a ton of work to actually make playable. The rest of the cards were trash or good, but not worth mentioning.


All in all, was a super valuable day for me. Pretty appropriate for a 4-0 draft day!


Oh hey, and let me know if there’s something I need to work on with the videos. It’s been a while since I’ve done video content, and I probably did something wrong, so yell at me if there needs to be something fixed.



  • 1 Event Ticket
  • 24,175 Silver (16.96% to a Legendary)

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