Day 5 – Just Dailies

One of the bad things about Draft (instead of competitive draft) is that when I 4-0 it, I can’t immediately play in another draft. I have to wait a couple days for another couple tickets until I can draft again. I mean, it’s still worth it since I got so many cards yesterday, but still, it sucks I can’t immediately do another draft.

Ah well, such is life. Here’s what I opened today in my daily packs:

Nothing overly exciting. Roaming Warclaw is probably the best card I opened, in fact, and it’s just a common. Frostwild Tracker is a decent Uterra Heroic that I’ll probably just throw in every Uterra deck, but not on the same level as Bramblewood Tracker. Umbruk Lasher is an okay Dinosaur; very swingy effect (like all Riftlashers), but needs a bit of support built around it for it to succeed.

Draft day is tomorrow!


  • 2 Event Tickets
  • 27,200 Silver (19.08% to a Legendary)

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