Day 6 – Second Draft

Draft day #2!

I did much the same thing as last time; there is a video and a write-up.



My first pick was kind of limited; I did not have much to choose from. I picked an Aetherphage over Xrath to lock myself in Uterra, then ended up picking an Infernal Visage to put myself in Uterra/Nekrium. I sort of drafted along two strategies – a grow wide strategy with Spring Dryads and Roaming Warclaws, and also a grow tall strategy with stuff like Infernal Visage and Shardplate Delver. I drafted a much stronger version of the latter strategy than I did the former, even though I had components of both. I mainly was relying on Shardplate Delvers and Zombie Titans along with anything I could Infernal Visage or Spirit Leash in order to make a creature big enough to win the game on its own.

Round 1 – Played against a U/N deck. The first two ranks were fairly back and forth, but he had some really explosive draws in Rank 3 that left me without anything to respond to, and I lost. Though ironically, if my opponent had played Brooqueen on-level, I’m pretty sure I just don’t stand a chance in that matchup from Rank 1.

Round 2 – My opponent played a couple Cavern Serpents and conceded within 4 minutes of playtime. GG I guess.

Round 3 – Opponent played a U/N. I don’t think I played this game very well, mis-utilizing levels and prioritizing the wrong creatures. However, my opponent made some really lose plays in Rank 2 and I capitalized on them to win.

Round 4 – Opponent played U/T. He simply fell too far behind in the first few turns and was never really able to stabilize through my Shardplate Delvers and Infernal Visages.


Plus I also get to keep the Aetherphage, Necromoeba, Portal Shade, Dendrify, and the other rares I didn’t write down.

Here’s what I opened for today:

So basically nothing. I guess I’m seeding my collection so I can eventually smelt worthless cards like these!

  • 0 Event Tickets
  • 30350 Silver (21.29% to a Legendary)

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