f2psolforge Week 1 Recap (Days 1-7)

This post is just a recap of Days 1-7. If you read the past seven days, you can feel free to skip this one; there’s nothing new here. If you’re lazy (sorry, economical) and want to catch up without reading each individual post, then this is the recap for you.


  • Campaign – Faction Initiate & Faction Mastery missions (Day 1)
  • Drafts – 4-0 on Day 4, 3-1 on Day 6.
  • Silver – 32,875 accrued. (0.23 Legendaries worth)

Day 1 – Today was the start of f2psolforge. I did every single starting mission (Faction Initiate/Matery) to get a few boosters and 1 of each basic Forgeborn.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Korok, Khan of Kadras; Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen; Ironbeard, Hammer of Anvillon; Uranti Warlod; Uterradon Rex

Day 2 – Did my daily rewards, also played a few games for Silver. Earned a 10 Wins Legendary Chest, as well. Next one of these is at 100 wins.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Iron Maiden, Ancient Echoes

Day 3 – Just did my dailies today. Earned 3rd ticket to enter a draft, but did not have time for one.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Staff of Vaerus, Bramblewood Tracker

Day 4 – Did a draft on this day. Drafted Nekrium/Tempys with Zarox as the headliner. Went 4-0! Earned an Online Wins Legendary Chest.

  • Notable cards earned: Zarox, the Raging; Crypt Conjurer; Zimus the Undying; Ambriel’s Edict; Ironmind Acolyte

Day 5 – Another day of dailies. No Legendary Chest this time, and I opened nothing of note.

  • Notable cards earned: None 😦

Day 6 – Did a draft! Drafted Nekrium/Uterra, featuring lots of Shardplate Delvers. Went 3-1.

  • Notable cards earned: Aetherphage

Day 7 – Another day of dailies.

  • Notable cards earned: Dysian Syphon