Day 8 – Imprisoned Heralds Missions

Hello everyone! Week 2 time, so I figured it was about time for another batch of missions. I know I’ve opened quite a few Legendaries in my Boosters because I’m a lucker dog, so I decided to not use those when doing those missions, to make it more accessible to people who don’t have the same legendaries as I do. That said, I’m still going to use the Forgeborns from the last mission, as I expect everyone to have those.

Anyways, the Imprisoned Heralds missions are 8 missions that all follow the same structure. First there is an “intro” mission, where you and Nova discover something is amiss and start to journey to some random location where an old artifact is held. These missions (Dysian Betrayal, Dampening Field, Rumblestone Pass, Xithian Ambush), all give you a Heroic and a booster pack.

After you beat the intro mission, you open up the Herald mission, where the reward is one of the Heralds artifacts (Lash of Demara, Gauntlets of Sulgrim, Staff of Vaerus, Scythe of Chiron).

These are the strategies and decklists I used to beat them.


  • Broodfangs are free for the opponent (they don’t cost an action)
  • Killing a Broodfang means one of your own creatues die (at random)
  • Easy mission, honestly. Playing Tempys lets you avoid killing Broodfangs with mobility, and she does not play them that often.


  • You start the game off Poisoned (Poison 3), so you can’t let the game drag on too long.
  • Each creature you control also has Poison 1.
  • I used this list to beat the mission. Just emphasis on surviving/getting bigger with stuff like Delver and Grimgaunt.


  • You can only play 1 spell per turn.
  • Cards like Bramblewood Tracker, Static Shock, etc, all still let you play multiple things.
  • Generally best strategy is to play games until computer eventually has a really awful turn (plays a bunch of Anatomizes and a Frozen Solid with nothing on the board). The AI isn’t great, so this happens fairly often.
  • I used the same N/U deck that I used to beat Lash of Demara, except I added Frostwild Tracker.


  • He starts off with 5 Armor.
  • Whenever he ranks up, he gains an additional 5 armor.
  • His creatures have pretty high armor, so Nekrium is good with cards like Epidemic and Bitterfrost Totem to circumvent his armor.
  • Eventually you’ll have big enough forces to break through his armor.
  • I used the same N/T deck that I used to beat Dysian Betrayal.


  • Each turn, Rumblestone Pass summons 5 Rumblestone Elementals.
  • They start off as 2/1, and get +1/+1 each turn (3/2, 4/3, etc)
  • I chose to play creatures with high-toughness or armor to block multiple turns while attacking him. Breakthrough is also pretty good.
  • If you own Herald of Destruction, just play as many of those as you can. It instantly kills all of his forces and does a bunch of damage to him.
  • This is the deck I used:


  • Opponents creatures all wield Staff of Vaerus – they have Mobility 1 and attack twice on their turn.
  • His creatures are all kind of bad; the most threatening is Rageborn Hellion.
  • This mission isn’t very hard; I beat it with the N/T Dysian Betrayal deck again.


  • Every turn, a Contagian Fiend is spawned under the opponent’s control.
  • When an Abomination dies during Xithian’s turn, he can play an extra card. This is really really hard to play around. It kind of just happens. Luckily, his creatures kind of suck, so the extra card doesn’t matter.
  • I won with the same Lash of Demara deck – with big Shardplate Delvers and Grimgaunt Predators.


  • At the end of each opponent’s turn, a random creature an opponent controls wields Scythe of Chiron (all your guys get -2/-0, his guy gets +2/+0 for each)
  • Again, used the same U/N Lash of Demara deck. Shardplate Delvers and Broodqueen are great cards for this mission.

I also did my dailies as a result of the missions! Here’s all what I opened.

So I opened basically nothing from my packs, but it’s still a great day overall. The Steelscale Dragons from the pack is a Legendary, but it’s not very useful for Constructed right now. The Herald artifacts, especially Scythe of Chiron, are all decent to great Legendaries. I can’t wait until the Set 5.2 Campaign missions.


  • 2 Event Tickets
  • 36,175 Silver (0.25 Legendaries)

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