Day 10 – Just Dailies, Weekend Warrior Tomorrow

Today I only did my dailies, but I did notice that the Weekend Warrior queue for this week is really conducive for some F2P action.

WW Tournaments generally have a very generous prize payout and are dirt cheap to enter. So when I see one that doesn’t require cards, like the Forgemaster Weekend this weekend, my F2P senses start tingling.

So tomorrow I will have 2 Event Tickets, and I’ll play in Weekend Warrior events (and record some videos of Constructed decks) until I can’t enter in the events any more (2-2 or lower). Should be fun!

Here’s what I opened today:

So, nothing worth talking about. BUT, Forgemaster tomorrow!


  • 1 Event Ticket
  • 42,925 Silver (0.30 Legendaries)

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