Day 9 – Rough Draft

Today is draft day. Videos and write up!


So I started the draft firmly in Byzerak – I first-picked a Zarox, the Raging (my favorite card, basically) and followed it up with a couple Byzerak Drakes. I drafted a LOT of big creatures in this deck – 3 Scourge Hydras, a Thranic Ambusher, a Storm Caller. The plan was to play gigantic creatures and use the N/T spells to make combat favor me (Infernal Visage, Frostshatter Strike).

Round 1 – I played against an Alloyin/Nekrium deck, which is the faction pair I consider to be the weakest in draft by a fair margin. My opponent played quite a few bad Level 1 cards (like Scrapforge Titan) that could not keep up with my large Scourge Hydras and Abyssal Brutes. I crushed him using raw force.

Round 2 – My opponent had a really good Uterra/Nekrium deck, with both Dysian Broodqueen and Snowdrift Alpha. He played well, too. Unfortunately for him, I had some really good curve-out moments at the beginning of Rank 2 and he got kind of level screwed, letting me take the lead and not give it back.

Round 3 – This opponent also played Nekrium/Uterra. However, I had several turns on every rank with absolutely crushing Zarox and/or Blizzard Shaman plays that two or three-for-one’d him. There isn’t really any coming back from that.

Round 4 – My opponent had an absolutely incredible Tempys/Alloyin deck with Nexus Aeronaut and 2 Borean Windweavers. It didn’t even seem to matter that he diluted his deck with Forge Guardian Delta’s Solbind. Unfortunately, I had an absolutely terrible rank 2 and hardly leveled any Level 2 cards. That, along with his strong bombs, brought me to a quick defeat in Rank 3.

3-1! I think I played okay this time, though I wish I had 4-0’d. Next time!

Here’s what I opened in my packs and winnings for today.



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  • 39,700 Silver (0.27 Legendaries)

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