Day 13 – Phantom Constructed Oratek

Alrighty so today is the last day for the Phantom Constructed Weekend Warrior, and I managed to fit in a queue. I decided to play Oratek today (aka A/T Goodstuff, A/T Stuff, etc) because I figured I would have a good shot of 4-0ing with it, though honestly the U/N Broodqueen/Sentry deck also would’ve been a good choice. Ultimately though, I don’t have much practice with the latter deck, and so I played this:

Ended  up going 4-0, as intended!

And here’s  what I opened:

So I opened a Grimgaunt Devourer, which used to be an incredible threat, then three more sets came out and now he’s just kind of… eh, okay I guess. Still, a better legend than Flowsteel Prototype, which hopefully I will never see in this run.


  • 3 Event Tickets
  • 55,175 Silver (0.38 Legendaries)

2 thoughts on “Day 13 – Phantom Constructed Oratek

  1. This is great content Gard, and should be very useful to anyone starting out.

    I have a few comments and suggestions. Mainly, I think you are missing out on some things that a player can take advantage of. While its an interesting idea to place limitations on the things that you do thinking as a new player, I think its actually more useful if you take full advantage of your skill and use it to its fullest. By this I mean that you shouldn’t put any restrictions to what you are doing to progress through the game due to requiring more skill than an average new player may have.

    After all, a bad new player won’t be able to be as successful as you in draft so they will take longer to build up their collection anyway. Since you’re not going to throw games away just to have an average result in draft so as to stay within the results of an average player, you should not only play to the best of your skill but also make the choices that account for it.

    So for example. Drafting is a fine way to build your collection if you aren’t particularly skilled but if you are even just slightly better than average its much more efficient to save your tickets for WW events due to the cheap prizes and the possibility of getting platinum boosters.

    You can also help a new player by pointing to good sources of information, but more importantly, using the Solforge Ladder. This is a great resource for F2P players and it lets you compete at various levels. Even now you could already be competing in the unheroic ladder and perhaps finding time for some of the free tournaments they hold.

    If you were to win one of those you can actually get codes for in-game gold, which brings a whole other level of strategy to the game (how to get the most out of your very limited gold).

    Anyway, I would basically suggest the following for your series and for any new player:

    – Save your tickets for relevant WW events that you can participate in to get the most out of them.

    – Participate in the Solforge Ladder. First in the unheroic ladder and tournaments and the sealed ladder, then move up to unlegendary and be on the look out for wacky formats that your collection allows.


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