f2psolforge Week 2 Recap (Days 8-14)

This post is just a recap of Days 8-14. If you’ve read the past seven days, you can feel free to skip this one; there’s nothing new here. If you want to catch up without reading each individual post, then this is the recap for you.


  • Campaign – All 8 Imprisoned Heralds missions (Day 8)
  • Drafts – 3-1 on Day 9
  • Constructed – HeraldBomb 1-3 on Day 11, A/U Hate Beards 4-0 on Day 12, N/T Suruzal 3-1 on Day 12, Oratek on Day 13
  • Silver – 58,380 accrued. (25,505  this week)

Day 8 – Decided to tackle the Imprisoned Heralds missions today. All were easily completable with just 1 weeks worth of cards, not even using the Legendaries I had gathered from opens. Honestly, the Rumblebelt Pass was the hardest mission, though it actually becomes by far the easiest if you own Herald of Destruction.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Scythe of Chiron, Gauntlets of Sulgrim, Lash of Demara, Staff of Vaerus, Steelscale Dragon, Dysian Broodqueen, Anvillon Arbiter

Day 9 – Draft day. Byzerak, 3-1. Was all Scourge Hydras and big creatures.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Static Shock

Day 10 – Just dailies again.

  • Notable Cards Earned: None!

Day 11 – Weekend Warrior: Forgeborn Constructed. It’s Constructed, but you can use cards you don’t own and it only costs 2 tickets to enter. I do a HeraldBomb queue, and go 1-3 because I suck. Actually, deck sucks and I played perfectly and my opponents got really lucky and the shuffler was broken. Yeah, that sounds better.

  • Notable cards earned: Lysian Shard

Day 12 – Day 2 of Weekend Warrior. Today I played two different decks, an A/U Ironbeard deck that preys on the metagame, and an N/T Suruzal deck that essentially IS the metagame. Went 4-0 and 3-1, respectively. Mistakes were made, but the justice exhibited by the universe in my last round of the day more than made up for it.

  • Notable cards earned: Ator, Thunder Titan.

Day 13 – Day 3 of Weekend Warrior, and the last day for me. Played an Oratek deck (A/T Goodstuff) and crushed 4-0.

  • Notable cards earned: Grimgaunt Devourer

Day 14 – Dailies. Also, I talked a bit about why I draft, why I’ll place more emphasis on Weekend Warrior, and SolforgeLadder.

  • Notable cards earned: None