Day 15 – A Pretty Rough Draft, to be honest

Welcome to Week 3! Well I had 4 Event Tickets yesterday, plenty to spend on a draft. Unfortunately my draft goes a little awry, and I don’t think it actually ended up that great. Probably need to practice drafting this faction pair a little more. I actually started writing up my ratings of each of the factions, but it was too long to do that and a draft post. I’ll probably polish it up and post it on a day I’m doing dailies.

But, anyway, here is the draft vidoes and the write-up .


I first picked a Leyline Golem as a sign of just strict rare-drafting. I actually think the pick was pretty close though, and there’s really no wrong answer. If it were a competitive draft, I likely would’ve also picked the Leyline Golem (mobility is good). My second pick was pretty mediocre, and I picked a Matrix Warden, locking myself into U/A. Not a faction pair I’m a fan of. From there I basically drafted a disaster of a deck with very few redeeming points, most of them being a kind of cute replace strategy I had going on with Spiritstone Druid, Steeleye Researcher, Grove Matriarch, and Steelwatch Guard.

Round 1 – My opponent was playing N/U. Fortunately for me, he chose to play an ungodly number of spells in Rank 1, and the creatures he played were very small. This led me to play a pretty defensive game, where I eventually outscaled him due to me having leveled creatures in my deck and him having few.

Round 2 – My opponent made a really bad play on turn 1 (Anatomizing a Spiritstone Druid), then timed out.

Round 3 – Opponent played A/N. This is the weakest faction pair in draft, the cards are just too easily outclassed by even my bad deck. It didn’t help that my opponent missed a couple good plays and put himself pretty far behind.

Round 4- My opponent was playing N/U. He played real cards, like Corpse Crawler and Necromoeba. I couldn’t catch up and I died really early in the game.


And here’s what all I opened:

So nothing that great or notable from the packs, but I did finish a playset of my first Heroic (Grimgaunt Predator). Plus, the Leyline Golem and Leyline Sentry from the draft are both excellent cards.


  • 2 Event Tickets
  • 62,580 Silver

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