Day 20 – Guaranteed Legendary Draft

Finally, the main event, after waiting a crazy amount of days in a row to gather event tickets for Dailies.

In case this isn’t clear from the videos, a Guaranteed Legendary Draft is the exact same as a normal draft (uses the same card pool)… except you always open 6 legendaries in the first pack.

Videos and write-up below!



I opened with Malice Hermit – a very strong legendary in draft and constructed. The turning point came at the third pick, when I picked a good Tempys card (Wind Primordial) to go into Umbruk rather than the okay Spiritcleave to lock myself into Dysian. I’ll tell you right now, Dysian is the better faction pair for draft. BUT, I get bored drafting it every time and I enjoy drafting Tempys, so I went with that. I tried to draft an aggressive large creature strategy, but got a lot of Ursine Swipes and Fervent Assaults, making my deck kind of like “get a big creature in play, mess up their plan with swingy spells”, which was neat. Also, Stinging Invocation, which is the bee’s knees.

Round 1- My opponent played Alloyin/Tempys with Cindersmoke Wyvern and Relic Hunter. Unfortunately for him, he also played a TON of Anvillon Enforcers, which are very inffective at dealing with on-level creatures due to their low power at ranks 2 and 3.

Round 2 – My opponent played a very sacrifice-heavy Nefrax deck, but I drew really good spells and made solid trades which caused his combos to fall apart and fizzle out.

Round 3 – My opponent played a very aggressive Byzerak deck with an early Spiritstone Sentry, which by itself almost warped my ability to deal with his board. It is highly possible I misplayed horribly around Spiritstone Sentry this game, and should have just ignored it. The game was closer than I would’ve thought, but I did not win.

Round 4 – My opponent played a Tempys/Alloying deckand conceded really early into the game, after he leveled the wrong creatures in rank 1 and didn’t really have anything left in the tank to deal with my big creatures.

And here’s what I opened:


  • 2 Event Tickets
  • 80,955 Silver

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