Day 21 – Forgeday!

Today is the last day of the week, which means it is time to smelt down all my duplicate cards!

Forgeday Trivia!

  • The card I had the most of this week was Deepbranch Prowler and Grove Matriarch, each with 7 copies (4 excess).
  • The highest rarity forgeables I had were rares – Toorgmai Guardian, Venomfang, and Spring Dryad, all with 5 copies.
  • I did not have enough heroics nor legendaries to smelt.
  • Though, I do now have a playset of Portal Shades and Grimgaunt Predators.

AND, I also got this beauty:

Here’s what I opened today with my dailies:

Sweet, a Lyria. Not the *best* Legend you could ask for, but honestly I got pretty lucky with Malice Hermit yesterday, so I’ll take it!

My plan is to do a draft tomorrow!


  • 3 Event Ticket
  • 85,315 Silver

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