Day 22 – Unheroic Tournament!

Yes I know I said there would be a draft today but I have something even better! I participated in a ladder tournament! Specifically, an Unheroic Rotation tournament. Whereas normal Unheroic is a format where you are only allowed to play Batterhide decks, this Rotation tournament only allows commons and rares from sets 4 and 5.

Unfortunately I was unable to record the tournament, but I will tell y’all about it.


First off, I decided that I really wanted to make a deck with Batterbot, because it’s a sweet card (Robot Dinosaur?!), and rather large at rank 1 (5/8) with an upside ability. Unfortunately, there wasn’t as many armor cards as I thought – just Orien Steelskin and conditional Aegis Winds.

So, instead, I looked at each of the Factions individually.  Nekrium looked by far the strongest, with Scourge Hydra, Calamity Fiend, even really good spells like Infernal Visage and Bitterfrost Totem. Uterra looked good at first – Whispers of the Dendris, Swampmoss Ancient, and Dendrify are all quite good. But, I couldn’t find a lot to do with the faction other than that. Tempys was pretty shallow – Thranik Ambusher and Blizzard Shaman were strong creatures, but its spells were a bit lacking (Looking at you, Flame Jet). Alloyin had some pretty good cards, like Spiritsteel Infiltrator and Batterbot and Nexus Overwatch, but lacked support.

Because I really wanted to play Batterbot, here’s what I ended up with:

Threat Package – For my threats, I’ve got Scourge Hydra (big 7/7), Batterbot (voltron), and Spiritsteel Infiltrator (smaller, easier-to-assemble voltron). My main plan is to get one of these guys out, preferably with Abyssal Brute, and clear the  way with my support spells to make an unstoppable threat. The only card in the format that effectively deals with large voltrons is Dendrify, though Bitterfrost Totem and Shatterbolt could also get the job done.

Combos – Batterbot combos is anything that gives armor (Steelskin, Aegis Wings), plus Abyssal Brute. Abyssal Brute is the main enabler of this deck. I draft a lot (a lot) of Nekrium/Tempys, and my favorite thing to do in that faction is Mobility creatures into and out of Abyssal Brute lanes so that multiple creatures get the pump. It works just as well with Aegis Wings and Spiritsteel Infiltrator.

Support – I’ve got Bitterfrost Totems and Calamity Fiends to clear the way for my big guys, Abyssal Brute, Aegis Wings to make them threatening, and Howl of Xith to finish them off. I also put in Nexus Overwatch because I have a soft spot for the card and wasn’t sure how the games would end up playing out, and having a decently sized leveler makes level-screw a little less problematic. Also, singleton Fell Strider in case I could get some value out of it. I don’t know what the meta would be at all with this format, so I hedged a single copy of fell strider against rush decks.

Armed with this, I didn’t have the cards I needed to play it. So,  I splurged and spent some silver.

Time for the tournament!

Round 1

Played against petardthegreat! His deck was interesting, REALLY heavily focused on attack debuffing, and then I guess winning with Howl of Xith and incremental damage form his creatures. His creatures are all very small.

Game 1 I don’t actually remember that well. I have it written down in my notes as “no contest”, in that I just crushed him. Petard says I played two level 2 Abyssal Brutes on the first turn of rank 2. So that’s probably what happened.

Game 2 was much closer, he controlled my creatures much better this time and I did not draw very many of my two-card combos. Luckily, my creatures were still bigger than his, so it came down to a point where he had to draw double Howl to kill me before I draw a single Howl (or my creatures attack him before he can control them) to win. He did not, and I won the game.

Round 2

This is actually my friend who was playing a very very very very similar deck to mine (we’re like 3 cards off from each other).

Game 1, I smashed his face in because I drew a really good Abyssal/Spiritsteel opener and then followed up with Batterbot and Aegis Wings. There is not a lot of coming back from that.

Game 2, I lost. It was a calamity.

Game 3, Ledgerdamayn drew absolutely zero of his combos in the first rank, and I opened with Batterbot + Aegis Wings. He fell behind and couldn’t catch back up.

Round 3

SiderealTime played a cool deck that was basically an Abyssal Brute Uterra deck. Uterra for Ursine Strength and Roaming Warclaw, and also Torrent Soldier which doesn’t look like it really does anything in his deck.

Game 1 I got off to a quick start (pretty imperative with this deck), and again I smashed face.

Game 2 I made the fatal mistake of playing WAY too many Calamity Fiends against a Fell Strider deck (where it’s hard to find open lanes to Assault). Had a good rank 1, but really couldn’t make use of my Calamity Fiends in Rank 2, and so got crushed by the Brute/Striders.

Game 3 I got put behind by *his* Calamity Fiends, and made a stupid misplay with Aegis Wings that made me look bad, but I don’t think would’ve actually turned the outcome of the game at all.

2-1, 2nd place at the end of the day.

Now, what does this mean for prizes?!


Yeah, sadly, only 1st place and most creative deck and the random get gold codes. I was none of the above, unfortunately. However, this tournament was more fun than just doing dailies. Changes I’d make to the deck would be to take out the Nexus Overwatches for Barrier Soldiers, then take out Orien Steelskin for literally anything (but, probably Palladium Wave).

Here’s what I opened in my daily packs:


  • 4 Event Tickets
  • 77,390 Silver

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