Day 23 – Drafting Dysian

Draft day!

Write-up is below.


I first picked a Sorrow Maiden and made my merry way through the draft with solid Uterra/Nekrium flavorings. I had quite a few rares I picked up in the draft, the most sweet of which was Dysian Broodqueen, an excellent card in both draft and Constructed, and possibly the most powerful heroic in the game right now. I drafted a pretty normal value Dysian deck, but I had an emphasis on Zombies with my three Zombie Titans and 2 Xrath, Dreadnight of Varna. Overall, a pretty solid draft.

Round 1 – I played against a Byzerak deck that played a LOT of abominations (including Contagion Lord). Unfortunately for him I was able to take control of the board using my Zombie Titans and Broodqueens, and he was forced to play defensively the entire game until he lost.

Round 2 – Played against another Dysian deck, but his deck packed a lot of Scourge Hydras (as well as his own Sorrow Maiden). I feel behind early and he played two level 2 cards on the first rank of rank 2 when I did not have any level 2 cards to match. I fell too far behind and lost.

Round 3  – I played against another Byzerak Deck (Nekrium is good in this format!). I made life hard for him with Xrath and Rite of the Grimgaunt early on, which made him pour more and more resources into whatever I was trying to kill. My opponent also had Sorrow Maiden, which made it a smidgen difficult for me (as I was a tad level screwed in rank 2). Eventually I was able to pull out the win with large Corpse WCrawler/Roaming Warclaw combos.

Round 4  – My opponent played a Dysian deck with a really heavy sacrifice theme (Corpse Crawler/Spirit Leash combos), but unfortunately no real power cards that I saw, and a deck full of Grove Matriarchs and Death Seekers isn’t the strongest. Took board control early and never gave it back.

And here’s what I opened:


  • 2 Event Tickets
  • 82,565 Silver