Day 25 – Drafting Dinosaurs, Plants, Zombies, Abominations

Hello! Today I did a draft. Let’s jump right into it.


I started off strong with a Tuskin Sporelord (amazing card in draft) and set plants on my radar. My second pick locked me into Nekrium with Xrath, Dreadknight of Varna. From then on I drafted a weird hybrid tribal deck, with plants as my primary tribe (Grove Matriarch, Toorgmai Guardian), but also a really strong dinosaur theme with two (!) Uterradon Rexes. Filled out the deck with various filler, including a Rite of the Grimgaunt.

Round 1 – I played against another Dysian deck, but I had a super strong turn one of double Uterradon Rex followed by Raging Warclaw and Glutton on my next turn. My following turn consisted of the disgusting Tuskin Sporeload + Dysian Siphon with a Funguy + Copy followup. This level of board control forced my opponent to play very defensively in rank one and the game was mine to lose with superior board presence heading in to rank 2. I did not lose it.

Round 2  – I had another great dinosaur start with Uterradon Rex and Featherfang, and got to apply pressure with my Funguy and Matriarchs while he dealt with my dinos. I built up a huge board with strong draws at the start of rank 2 and my opponent conceded rather than wait the short time it would’ve taken me to kill him.

Round 3 – My opponent was playing an Umbruk deck. This match took SO LONG because my opponent was having some serious connection issues, or needs serious assistance thinking about their plays, or just has no simple consideration for others’ time. ANYWAY, this game was not very remarkable; I never dropped below 80. It just felt like the hardest game in the tournament because my opponent took over triple the time I did.

Round 4 – Last round was against YET ANOTHER Dysian deck (I’m ready for a new draft format). I made a big misplay with Spiritcleave early in the game (killing my Uterradon Rex for no reason), but likely I had pretty solid board control already (plants and dinos tend to do that). Things started looking dicey around rank 2, but I drew Tuskin Sporelord and Grove Matriarch (each level 2), and hosed the board down until I could grind him out with Dysian Siphon and Rite of the Grimgaunt.

And here’s what I opened today:


  • 1 Event Tickets
  • 94,440

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