Day 26 – 100 Wins Legendary Chest (Dailies)

I started to play a bunch of games of Solforge recently with my spare time (plus the grind is easier now that I have a sweet unheroic deck that wins pretty consistently). So today I got this:

And here’s what I opened from the chest + dailies:

So I got a great new legend in Doppelbot. It hasn’t shown up in Competitive lists yet, but I think it has some potential as a really solid Alloyin threat when Alloyin as a whole is a better faction to play in Constructed. Personally I am hoping for a Robot resurgence in set 6, but that’s just me.

Drix is okay, and a huge centerpiece to a Metamind deck, but the Metamind deck really needs 3 Drix and 3 Ghox in order to be strong, so I don’t think we’re going to get there any time soon.


  • 2 Event Tickets
  • 102,690 Silver

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