f2psolforge Month 1 Accounting (Days 1-28)

This is similar to the recap posts, but with a different angle. The recap posts are supposed to give a weekly, short summary of what I did each day. This is supposed to be more of a numbers-based progress report on various aspects of the f2p run. There are three main categories, Play, Economy, and Collection.


So I played in 12 events this month, and did pretty alright overall. It is weird to say, but I think my Draft win percentage should be even higher, but I misplayed way too much the last couple. For next month, I’m going to enter in the Sealed league on Kaelari’s Ladder so I’ll have to figure out a way to record that. Sealed starts on the 15th, so that’ll be a good way to both give games where otherwise I’d be going “dailies, next post pls” and also spend some of the silver I’ve accumulated (by crafting the cards I don’t have). Plus, more gameplay, and that’s always worth it.


So in my first month of Solforge, I earned 122,020 Silver – that’s about 85% of the crafting cost of a single Legendary? Sounds horrible, right? Well, it is and it isn’t. Silver gains off pure pack opening is not great, that I will grant you. But keep in mind two things – 1) until yesterday, I wasn’t playing my 20 daily wins at all. That’s around (26*5,000) Silver that I just don’t have because I didn’t want to grind for it. Also, the silver earned doesn’t take any cards I earned into account at all – each card you open is worth 100% of its Forge value until you own more than three, at that point your silver gains increase as you smelt down cards.


This is where my true Silver gains are shown. I got a couple lucky legendaries from packs in my first week, but otherwise my progression curve has been very normal from another Solforge player. Drafting gives a ton of Heroics, and I even managed to assemble several playsets from drafting. The only one that is really competitive is Uterradon Rex, but that’s just fine. Now whenever I open a Xrath, Portal Shade, etc, I’ll be able to smelt it into silver and Forge more cards.

Put it this way – within the first month, I earned 5.5 million silver worth of cards. That means in my first month of collecting cards, I earned the equivalent of a little over 39 legendaries. That is not taking into account any commons or rares, which are too cumbersome to count up and tally… but I know I have a lot of those, as well.

The Next Four Weeks

So, in the next month I want to implement one main thing – the Sealed league. This won’t start on the Ladder until the end of Week 1/Start of week 2, but I have enough cards where I’m sure I won’t be forced to craft every single card I want to play with. No Legendaries also helps a ton.

My event schedule for next month will be the same as this month – 1 Draft, 2 Weekend Warrior events. If I can’t play in the Weekend Warrior due to format restrictions, I’ll just play in another draft and save the leftover ticket. If I can play in more WW events than the default 2 (due to winning!), then I’ll play WW as time allows and save the leftover tickets. Set 6 may come out within the next month or two, so any leftover tickets I get is probably going to go into a bunch of drafts to pick up the set 6 cards so I can continue to participate in solforgeladder events.

Let me know if you think there is any stat I should track, something I should improve on, ideas for how to budget or play!


4 thoughts on “f2psolforge Month 1 Accounting (Days 1-28)

  1. I’m aiming to get a top 5 spot in unheroic and sealed in the ladder which gives a gold prize. It seems much more doable than I thought though I think I’d have to play a little more frequently than I do (about once per day). I’m in 6th place with 7 games in unheroic but I imagine its going to get much tougher as the end date approaches when the top 8-10 players start grinding a bit more.

    By the way, it says there that the ladders reset on the 15th of July. Was that what you meant when you said next month or were you expecting to start on the 15th of June. In any case, I think there’s plenty of time left to catch up due to the way the scoring works. I suggest you open up your sealed deck for this season and see if you can build the deck and just start playing now.


    1. When I said Next Month, I meant “within the next month”. I’ll start participating in the Sealed League on the 15th.


      1. Is there a reason not to start now? I think the only difference if you start on the 15th of June is that everyone, including you, will have an extra pack, given out on the 12th. You’ll also have less time to catch up if you want to aim for the top 5 for a cash prize.


      2. League resets on the 15th, unless I missed my guess. I don’t want to start in the current league so far behind (would rather build up gradually).

        edit – Oh, looks like it resets in July, not in June. My mistake. I’ll start up the League ASAP.


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