f2psolforge Week 4 Recap (Days 22-28)

This post is a recap of Days 22-28. If you’ve read the past seven days, you can feel free to skip this one; there’s nothing new here. If you want to catch up without reading each individual post, then this is the recap for you.


  • Drafts – 3-1 with Dysian on Day 23, 4-0 with PlantDinos on Day 25.
  • Weekend Warrior  Was 20 card constructed, did not participate.
  • Silver – 118,240 accrued. (32,925 this week)

Day 22 – Did an Unheroic event today with a twist – instead of only Batterhide decks allowed, it was only set 4 and 5 cards.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Static Shock

Day 23 – Drafting today and went 3-1 with a Dysian deck featuring Broodqueen.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Sorrow Maiden, Cacklebones, Dysian Broodqueen.

Day 24 – Just dailies today.

  • Notable Cards Earned: None

Day 25 – Today I drafted a Dysian Tribal deck and managed to go 4-0 .

  • Notable cards earned: 2 Uterradon Rex, Tuskin Sporelord, Botanimate

Day 26 – Dailies plus a Legendary chest!

  • Notable cards earned: Drix the Mindwelder, Doppelbot

Day 27 – Another day of dailies.

  • Notable cards earned: None

Day 28 – Just dailies. Also, posted an account of the F2P run so far.

  • Notable cards earned: Lysian Shard