Day 30 – Drafting Bees & Snakes


I did y’all a favor (well, mostly me) and decided not to draft Dysian for the third time in a row. So instead of going into Nekrium with my Uterra, I went with Tempys. I don’t draft Umbruk very often, so I wanted to try a more chip damage based strategy, with the Stinging Invocation and Cavern Serpent poison paired with Volcanic Giant. It didn’t pan out as well as I would’ve liked, because the Spring Dryads were also calling to me, but I ended up drafting a pretty aggressive deck.

Round 1 – Played against a Dysian deck with a Broodqueen. Despite some pretty terrible misplays on my part in Rank 1, I managed to stabilize thanks to some pretty poor plays on my opponent’s part (so, it about balances out!). My opponent threw away two Shardplate Delvers for free while I continued to play threats, and these threats eventually overwhelmed him.

Round 2 – I played against another Dysian deck, featuring Sorrow Maiden and Contagion Lord. He played a lot of Branchweaver Druids, which would be good if I had seen Spring Dryads or anything to take advantage of them. But instead, I saw nothing of the sort and it led him to a pretty mediocre level 2 as I was playing my Spring Dryads and Roaming Warclaws. I eventually overran him with bigger guys.

Round 3 – Opponent was playing Esperian. This is the easiest match I’ve ever played; I got three Killer Bees on turn 1 with Stinging Invocation. My opponent chose not to block them for several turns, accumulated 11 poison, and promptly conceded.

Round 4 – Opponent was playing Oratek. He eventually timed out in rank 1. Wasn’t a fun wait, but it was a free win.

That’s about all I did today; but was pretty successful.

Here’s what I opened today:


  • 3 Event Tickets
  • 138,970 Silver

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