Day 32 – Grinding to Dozer

Yesterday I started playing the Weekend Warrior, a set 1 and 2 draft. I recorded three drafts yesterday, and posted one. I still haven’t processed any of the videos other than the first set, so today is kind of boring, with no videos. Don’t know if I will be drafting tomorrow; this draft format is very frustrating to me. I would rather play Set 3+4 draft, since I barely got to play that before I got back in to Solforge, and it’s like impossible to get level screwed in that format between the consistent cards and the -bound cycle.

But I drafted quite a bit today with the Weekend Warrior, to grind out some packs.

  • Draft 1 – Esperian – 3-1
  • Draft 2 – Esperian – 3-1
  • Draft 3 – Esperian – 1-3
  • Draft 4 – Oratek – 2-2

And here’s all I opened today, with Prize Packs and dailies.

Dozer, that is.


  • 1 Event Ticket
  • 15,9095 Silver

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