Day 33 – More Alpha + Rise Drafting

There’s some exciting Youtube news for gamers, which is pretty relevant to me, might be relevant to you also. It’s here; tl;dr is it’s basically Google’s competitor with Twitch. It looks  pretty sweet!

Here are the two drafts I did two days ago which I recorded but didn’t post (now post-production!). I haven’t finished grinding out drafts for the day, so it’s likely I’ll have some edits to this post to include the number and winnings of my drafts until the end of the day.

[youtube] [youtube]

And I also did an unrecorded draft and went 1-3. I haven’t been recording these grindings because I’m often doing other things when I’m drafting, and plus I feel the format is not very interesting.

And here’s what all I opened today:


  • 1 Event Tickets
  • 166,970 Silver

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