Day 36 – In a League of my own

First things first, I forgot to do Forgeday yesterday, so I went ahead and did it today.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s talk about Leagues. Today is the start of the Season 15 League for Solforgeladder, and this time I will be playing in it to help my dailies be less boring (also, because games are fun).

I posted a video of today with my experiences – I talked about the pool, built the deck, and played a few matches all today. This playlist is going to evolve as the month progresses and I add all my videos to it. I can’t guarantee doing videos about the entire process (I may just write up stuff if that day is busy, for example), but I’ll try to do it when I’m able.



And here’s the deck I built with the pool.

Of course, I didn’t have all the cards for the deck, so here’s all the things I crafted for this one:

And that’s it! Here’s what I opened in my daily packs today:


  • 3 Event Tickets
  • 188,990 Silver

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