f2psolforge Week 7 Recap (Days 43-49)

This post is a recap of Days 43-49. If you’ve read the past seven days, you can feel free to skip this one; there’s nothing new here. If you want to catch up without reading each individual post, then this is the recap for you.


  • Drafts – 0-2 with Dysian on Day 44.
  • Weekend Warrior  High Rarity draft. I did four of these on camera, and several not on camera. Days 45, 46, 47, 48.
  • League – Whoops; didn’t league this week.
  • Silver – 317,930 accrued. (122,720 this week)

Day 43 -.A blank day; nothing happened.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Batterhide

Day 44 – Drafted an absolutely horrible Dysian deck and stopped the draft at 0-2.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Burnout.

Day 45 – High Rarity Draft #1! Drafted an Oratek Mobility deck.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Oratek Explosives

Day 46 – High Rarity Draft #2! Drafted a grow-wide Esperian deck.

  • Notable cards earned: None.

Day 47 – High Rarity Draft #3! I drafted a weird little Zarox deck.

  • Notable cards earned: Stinging Invocation

Day 48 – High Rarity Draft #4! Drafted a loose Onyxium control deck. .

  • Notable cards earned: Glaceus, Tundra Tyrant.

Day 49 – Set 6 was released yesterday, but without tickets to draft, couldn’t really experience it. Talked about the set as a whole in draft.

  • Notable cards earned: None