Day 50 – Dud day

I tried to record a draft today, but the videos were corrupt. ūüė¶

I will instead outline the draft as I remember it.

THE DRAFT –¬†Drafted Dysian and tried to go deep with my Zombie Dreadknight. I tried to pick creatures with regen and chose to pair with Uterra due to their numerous pump spells which I knew I’d need if I wanted to turn on things like Cavern Slime. Unfortunately, I think my deck turned out quite poor and I’ll try my best to stay away from the colors combination in the future (similar to last format, but strangely for the complete opposite reason).

Round 1 –¬†I was forced to concede this game as our internet flickered out – I did not get a chance to play.

Round 2 –¬†My opponent assembled Voltron of Ossuary Spirit & double Blood Boon on the third turn, and I pretty much just died to it. Honestly it feels like that’s the only thing Dysian can do in this format to win.

Round 3 – My opponent was playing Esperian nonsense with Battle Techtician. I was able to win by assembling the Voltron of Cavern Slime + Zombie Dreadknight + Toorgmai Mender.

Round 4 –¬†My opponent played Nekrium/Tempys aggressive Darkforged. I fell behind early because my creatures are trash without pump spells, and when I finally stablized late game, I died to an unending stream of Darkshard¬†Witches.

So, managed to go 1-3 for four boosters. Didn’t open anything of note. Really sucks that I couldn’t record this draft ūüė¶


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