f2psolforge Month 2 Accounting (Days 29-56)

This is similar to the recap posts, but with a different angle. The recap posts are supposed to give a weekly, short summary of what I did each day. This is supposed to be more of a numbers-based progress report on various aspects of the f2p run. There are three main categories, Play, Economy, and Collection. Last Month can be found here


I played much more this month than I did in the previous – with just shy of a hundred games. My win rate was not as high as I would like at around 61%, but I did play and draft pretty poorly in the last couple of weeks. For this graph, I counted all the Weekend Warrior events as “draft” because that is what they were; I chose not to keep track of them separately.


I’m up to 370,970 Silver – about triple of what I had last month. Of course, I plan on spending all of that silver very soon for Constructed, but that’s okay – that is what it is for.


Not nearly as much growth in Legendaries as the first month, since I had no campaigns left to do, but still got a couple lucky opens. Collection building stagnates past the first month, when you are handed Legendary chests left and right. But playing in the Weekend Warrios can slowly make up for it.

The Next Four Weeks

It’s time for Constructed, guys! I’m about 60% to finishing a Constructed deck. I expect that number to go up pretty significantly this week after I get the drafts out of the way. Then, Zombies will dominate the Cosntructed queues, and then the F2P run will be over!