f2psolforge Week 8 Recap (Days 50-56)

This post is a recap of Days 50-56. If you’ve read the past seven days, you can feel free to skip this one; there’s nothing new here. If you want to catch up without reading each individual post, then this is the recap for you.


  • Drafts – 1-3 with Dysian on Day 50.
  • Weekend Warrior  Monofaction Constructed – did not participate.
  • Standard – Outlined a plan for building a Standard constructed deck on Day 51.
  • Silver – 370,970 317,930 accrued. (53,040 this week)

Day 50 -.Drafted a Dysian deck, and due to internet problems and my deck being awful, I went 1-3. .

  • Notable Cards Earned: None

Day 51 – Talked about building a Constructed deck and outlined plan for building one.

  • Notable Cards Earned: None

Day 52-55– Nothing really happened, as I went to the beach! Just dailies.

  • Notable Cards Earned: Shardplate Behemoth

Day 56 – Played absolutely horribly in an Unheroic Event with a deck that didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked. Did not get any prizes.

  • Notable cards earned: None.