Day 64 – Building Zombies, Playing Zombies

As you may have noticed yesterday, I have enough Silver to forge the Zombie deck!

Here’s what I am missing:

So I forged all of that, leaving me with the 100% completed deck below:

And, it just so happens that I had 4 event tickets today. Coincidence, or planned? (Coincidence).

Let’s take Zombies for a test run in the Constructed Queues!

Normally, I’d suggest playing a couple of games in the Random Queue or on the Ladder for some practice, but I’m going to disregard that advice and enter the queue never having played this deck before on the basis of “screw it, we’re doing it live”.


Uh. Oops. I wasn’t really supposed to 4-0 the first event I played in. Openings:


  • 5 Event Tickets
  • 24,140 Silver

4 thoughts on “Day 64 – Building Zombies, Playing Zombies

  1. Think you’ll play any more witth the zombie deck? The 4-0 in your first event was pretty clearly helped by the fact that you are quite good at solforge. I think it’d be helpful for other players building similar decks to see you do a few more games with the deck, especially as you learn it better. I found your commentary very helpful, at least as helpful as anything you’ve written about F2P strategy (I think I underestimated how many online games I was losing due to not well thought out play).


    1. I will definitely be looking to play more with the zombie deck… just not really on this blog. I have some more stuff coming up, and one of the things I want to work on is to keep playing Constructed videos (especially cheap decks), and helping people that way.


  2. Thank you for your blog. It has been fun to follow, and as the previous writer said, for us newer players hearing your commentary has been quite useful. I especially remember when you explained why A Shardplate behemoth to the left of a Nexus Aeronaut gets the boost whereas one to the left doesn’t.


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