Day 22 – Pack n’ Scrap Day Week 3

The end of week three means it is time for another day of crackin’ packs and scrappin’ cards.


Relevant cards!

  • Legendaries – Thundersaur, Glaceus, Tundra Tyrant
  • Heroics – Soul Harvest, Lightbringer Council, Leyline Tyrant, Dreadbolt
  • Rares – Nanoswarm, Perilous Insight, Mosstodon

So, if we take all of that plus the scraps from this week’s drafts (including the Weekend Warrior drafts)…


Which puts my card totals at…


And a little look at how close I am to finishing the Fiend deck (with others for comparison):


All in all, a very successful week! Here’s hoping next week is as kind.