Hello everyone!

This is F2P Solforge, a blog about my adventure where I start a new account and grind up to a competitive deck, all without spending any money. I decided to do this due to some outcries on Reddit that the game is far too punishing to new players and it is impossible to get a constructed deck in any reasonable amount of time.

I don’t think that is true, but I guess there is only one way to test that out. And hence we have this website.



  • Start a new Solforge account.
  • I cannot buy any gold, or spend any money on the Solforgegame.com store.
  • The “run” ends when I go 4-0 in a Constructed Queue with a deck. What deck I end up using is not yet known.

To accomplish this, I will be playing games for daily rewards and the Campaign to unlock cards. Eventually, I will be able to get cards by using Event Tickets to draft. In case anyone doesn’t know, here are the daily rewards

  1. Log on, ~1000 Silver and a Booster Pack
  2. First win (against Computers or players), 1 Event Tickets
  3. Third win, ~1000 Silver and a Booster Pack
  4. First twenty online wins against other humans gives ~200 silver per win.


  • I won’t be playing in any Expert Drafts. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that it’s possible to go infinite in Expert Drafts based on your win record paying out tickets equal to (or more than) your entry fee. Doing so requires a rather high win rate, which I imagine most new players will not have, so I will be avoiding them. Additionally, Expert drafts do not give very many cards compared to casual drafts. Since the goal is building up a collection to play Constructed, I want the opportunity to get more cards. Plus, with the entry fee for Expert being over twice that as Casual, I will get to play in more drafts (again, assuming I have a low win rate).
  • I won’t be grinding for the online silver wins. You can do this if you are a new player and really want to grind for the silver, but I have limited time each day and do not want to spend it grinding silver. This means that my F2P run will have a little less silver per day than an average actual free player.

I think that’s it! Should be fun.

If you want to send a comment my way, feel free to. I’m on twitter @leemcleo, and you can also find me frequently around solforgeladder.com under the name Gard.

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “F2P Mission Statement

  1. Its great that you are doing this. I was thinking of doing the same thing for the same reason but I don’t really have time these days.

    One thing I suggest is that you have an “alternate win condition”. If you can build a top tier deck (one that has won the most recent solforge ladder tournament or any other big tournament) that should also count as achieving your goal to have a competitive deck in an F2P account, except that it doesn’t depend on your own personal skill. That’s how I would have done it.
    Its also entirely possible to 4-0 the constructed queue with a deck that might not be the most competitive.


  2. I like what you are trying to do here. I have been playing for a couple of months and spent a bit of cash on my main account. Having two accounts really helps to get the 20 wins/day to get the maximum out of the daily rewards.

    It’s interesting to see how much silver/day you can get just by playing.

    Keep it up.


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