Yes, I know, this page is strictly non-F2P. But, if you do decide to support Stoneblade Entertainment and spend money on their game, these are the best ways to do it.

THE $5 PACKAGE (AKA, Basically F2P)

SBE offers two promotions for new players:

If you want to spend VERY little money on the game, but still want the one-time promotions SBE offers in the shop, here’s what you do.

  1. Buy $5 Gold (1300 Gold)
  2. Buy the Ticket Bundle & Promo Legendary Chest (200G apiece, 400G total).
  3. Buy two packages of 10,000 Silver (250G apiece, 500G total).
  4. Buy two Event Tickets (200G apiece, 400G total).
  5. All 1300 Gold is spent, so you have no leftover Gold with which to tempt you to spend more.
  6. You end up with +12 Tickets, +20k Silver.


There are a couple rules for buying Gold. For reference, here are the Gold prices:

So, of course, the more money you spend, the more Gold you receive, up to a +15% bonus at $100. Therefore, the most important thing to do before you spend money is to calculate exactly how much gold you want to spend. If you are just planning on buying the monthly 1300 Gold Chest and nothing else for a while, just put in $5. If you are going to buy this month’s chest and next month’s, put in $10 instead and get an extra 150G. Just don’t put in $20 so you can buy a couple packs, then have 4500G leftover you don’t know what to spend on, so you spend it on random things you want but don’t really need.

If you can afford to, WAIT FOR GOLD SALES. Occasionally, SBE has Gold Sales, which means you get double the gold for the same amount of money. 2600G for $5 instead of 1300G, and so on. These are extremely effective ways of purchasing Gold. Wait for them before buying gold if you can. They happen around twice a year.


Did you know there is a shop for in-game items on Solforge’s website? Yes, there is! What’s more, the website has everything that has ever been on the Solforge shop. Whereas the in-client shop has all the recent stuff and the two most recent preconstructed decks, the website has everything, at original prices.

The main use of this is for buying Precons that have since rotated from the in-game store. Buying precons is a great way to get specific Legendaries for your collection. Some useful Precons are Onyxium Twilight (Duskmaw), Blistering Chaos (Malice Hermit, Windspark Elemental), Dark Retribution (Ambriel, Spiritstone Sentry), Verdant Fortress (Nova, Relic Hunter). There are a lot of precons on the website, just scope them out if you are in the market for specific legendaries.

Occasionally, there are also sales on the shop where everything is 50% off. This means $5 precons and $3.50 Legendary Chests.

If you have any other tips on gold management, please share them!


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