Day 22 – Pack n’ Scrap Day Week 3

The end of week three means it is time for another day of crackin’ packs and scrappin’ cards.


Relevant cards!

  • Legendaries – Thundersaur, Glaceus, Tundra Tyrant
  • Heroics – Soul Harvest, Lightbringer Council, Leyline Tyrant, Dreadbolt
  • Rares – Nanoswarm, Perilous Insight, Mosstodon

So, if we take all of that plus the scraps from this week’s drafts (including the Weekend Warrior drafts)…


Which puts my card totals at…


And a little look at how close I am to finishing the Fiend deck (with others for comparison):


All in all, a very successful week! Here’s hoping next week is as kind.

Day 20 & 21 – Guaranteed Legendary Weekend

The weekend of the Guaranteed Legendary Draft, I was at the beach celebrating America’s birthday. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of the recording equipment with me so I could make videos. But that didn’t stop me from participating in the best value draft on this side of Solis.

I played in six drafts, and screenshotted all the legendaries I had access to. Here’s a summary.

Draft 1

I took Ignir here. He’s just simply the strongest Constructed-playable card in the pack. Alyssa is probably the next-best. Ended up with a mediocre Umbruk deck and went 3-1.

Draft 2

Took Living Hive here. Alyssa and Varna are also very strong picks, with Sycthe and Ancestral Echoes not being slouches, either. Took the Living Hive because I really enjoy playing with the card, and even though I don’t intend on building the Yeti deck to complete this F2P run, I am a lot closer to building it by taking this Hive than I am to building any Alyssa or Varna deck. Ended up with a very strong Dysian deck. 3-1. The loss was from queuing up and then going away to do something, forgetting to come back. Whoops!

Draft 3

Took Nova here. Zimus is also okay, but I don’t enjoy playing Zimus decks as much as I do Nova decks. I found a friend for Nova during the draft, Doomwing. Ended up with an okay Dysian deck. Finished 3-1, very disappointing loss.

Draft 4

Took Othra, though it is funny that I could’ve had a playset of Alyssas if I had taken every single one I have seen. Found an Uterra Packmaster during the draft. Ended up with a good Esperian deck, but only finished 2-2.

Draft 5

Took Ignir as by far the strongest legendary in the first pick. I even found a Flameblade Champion during the draft. Ended up with a bad Umbruk deck. 1-3

Draft 6

Took Scatterspore Eidolon, since choices in this pack are pretty scarce. Ended up with a solid Dysian deck. Managed to draft an Undying Legacy, which I need for the Fiend deck. Surprisingly, it was my first one I’ve drafted! Ended 3-1.


It took a lot of willpower not to use the tickets accumulated from the 15 days of double rewards, but I managed not to and saved the leftover 45 tickets to keep the F2P run more fair.