Silver is the F2P currency in Solforge. You earn silver by playing, and can spend it on Boosters, Chests, Tickets, and Forging individual cards. Primarily you want to use it to Forge cards if your goal is to obtain cards.


  • First Log-In of the Day: +1000-2000 Silver, plus a Booster Pack. This win can be against the Computer (including Campaign).
  • Third Win of the Day: +1000-2000 Silver, plus a Booster Pack. This win can be against the Computer (including Campaign).
  • Each Online Win: 250 Silver, up to 20 times per day. 20×250 = 5,000 Silver per day. This cannot be done against computers, only against other players.
  • Forging – Each copy of a card you own over 3 can be broken down and turned into Silver equal to half its Forge value. This is explained in more detail below.


Solforge’s forging system is way to use silver to create cards that you do not own, and also turn excess copies of cards you own into Silver. Unlike similar systems like Hearthstone’s crafting system, Solforge’s forging will not let you smelt your cards down to 0 cards. You can only smelt the cards you own in excess of 3 of that card. (Eg, I can smelt 1 of my 4 Uranti Warlords, but wouldn’t be able to smelt 1 if I only owned 3).

The table below shows the Forge cost of each card by rarity.

The “New Forge Costs” column represents the period when a new set comes out and the prices for Forging are doubled (to encourage pack-buying). This forging price inflation usually ends with the release of new cards. For example, Set 5 comes out, and cards are expensive to forge. Couple months later, Set 5.1 releases (Malice Hermit, etc) and the base set 5.0 cards are reduced to normal forging costs.

Honestly, there are three main things to spend silver on.

The first is that you can buy a basic Legendary Chest.

It costs 100,000 Silver and gives 10 cards – 3 Rares, 3 Heroics, and 1 Legendary. On the surface, this seems like a much better deal than saving up an additional 42,500 to simply forge a Legendary. After all you get at least 3 heroics and additional chances at more Heroics and Legendaries. However, keep in mind that Legendary Chests are just packs. They are completely random. You can get a chest with Flowsteel Prototype as your Legendary. You can also get a chest with two or three Legendaries in it. It’s up to chance to determine what you get, which isn’t always ideal when building a collection.

The second thing you can do is simply forging the cards you need or want. I recommend this. It is slightly more expensive than a Legendary Chest to craft a specific legendary, but it has the huge upside that there is nothing left to chance: You get to choose the card you are forging. This means instead of opening Flowsteel Prototype, you can forge a Duskmaw. If you want to go the forging route, I would recommend saving up your silver until you are close to a deck, even if you have enough for a single Legendary.

Finally, if you are a strictly draft player that does not care about owning cards or constructed at all, you can spend Silver for entry fees.


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