A new client, new tournament rewards, and a new daily system. Time to start a new F2P run.

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  • Started June 9, 2016 when the servers came back up.
  • Completed on the 33rd Day.
  • Run ends when 7 wins is reached in Constructed OR reaching Gold on the ladder.
  • Due to changes in tournament structure rewarding playskill, effect of win rate is not minimized. I’m in it to win it.

New Daily Structure:

  • ~2,500 Silver per day from Login
  • 1 Booster for 1st Win of the Day.
  • 3 Tickets per Day (1st, 3rd, and 6th wins)

Significantly Different Tournament Structure

  • Prize Packs are abolished, replaced with increasing Silver, Ticket, and Legendary cards rewards.
  • Weekend Warrior remains the same round structure, but rewards more and more boosters as you win (still gives Legendary at 4 wins)
  • Tournaments are now play until 2 losses, up to 7 wins.
  • Drafts cost 4 Tickets, Constructed cost 3 tickets.
  • You keep all your cards for draft (extremely important).
  • Important wins are at 2 (1 ticket), 5 (3¬†tickets), and 7 (8 tickets, legendary).