There exists exactly one way to exchange cards between players in Solforge. That is called Sharing. As a warning, this feature IS NOT F2P. Since the only shareable cards are cards purchased with Gold, Sharing is inherently non-F2P. The one exception to this is Elite Tournaments, which pay out all prizes as Shareable objects.


Sharing is Solforge’s system of trading. You can read the official run-down of it on the mothership, here.

Here are the basics:

  • Any card purchased with Gold is flagged as Shareable.
  • This includes cards from gold-purchased Boosters, Chests, and Cards of the Day. It also includes any cards from prize packs won from tournaments entered with Gold.
  • Sharing is one-way. You share cards from your account to another player (via friends list). You do not get anything in return. You can use Sharing for trading, but it is highly honor system-based.
  • You do not lose any cards you share. Think of it as photocopying the cards and then sending them to someone else. Sharing creates cards rather than moving them between accounts.
  • To Share, you add the shareable cards to a decklist, click ‘Share’ instead of Save or Load, then pick a user to share the cards to.
  • Cards can only be shared once.


Trading can be achieved using Sharing between two willing parties. You can check two places to find trading partners – and /r/SolforgeSharing. Of the two, I would recommend solforgeladder, as the trading system is pretty developed. You can input a Have/Want list and search by matches, and see who is online to trade right now.
Happy trading!


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