Day 60 – Forgemaster Constructed part 2, Darkforged & Stasis

I have more videos for you guys today, recorded yesterday. I haven’t yet done my dailies today, so I’ll update the post with my silver total after I get a bit more free time today and manage to get my dailies in.

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Day 48 – The End of High Rarity

Today was the last of High Rarity draft. Long may it live in peace. Next week is Mono Faction Constructed. I like this format, but it does require quite a few cards. I may end up passing it by on this account since I may not have enough cards to compete with. I’ll try to make a deck when we get closer to the date.


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Day 34 – WW Finally Over

I dislike this format. I thought I liked it, but that was nostalgia talking.

Alpha + Rise draft is really good for grinding cards. That’s undeniable, and that’s why I drafted it again today. It’s also why I didn’t record one; there’s not a lot of strategy other than just fundamentals, and the entire game is decided in the second rank. However, games often go on to the fourth or fifth rank because you can drag it out a lot and hope they get level screwed (there is not a lot of closing power in the first two sets). In the future, I probably will just record two drafts and then not play the format, because I’m always miserable playing it.

So I drafted today and went 2-2 (with an Oratek deck).

ANYWAYS, here’s what I opened today:

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